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About Us

The purpose of the Pearls Among the Ivy Foundation is to sponsor, implement and promote quality programs of service for the citizens and diverse communities of Greensboro and Guilford County. The Pearls Among the Ivy Foundation will sponsor programs that target the needs of the local community with activities that support the community’s youth; provide scholarship awards; and promote programs in the areas of education, health, economic security and sustainability, social justice, human rights, arts and culture.

About Our Incorporators:

Before we were incorporated, Pearls Among the Ivy Foundation Incorporated began as an ad hoc committee of Sigma Kappa Omega Chapter. The committee was tasked with completing Sigma Kappa Omega’s 501c(3) (non-profit) application. The committee was timebound and would cease to exist once
the foundation had been established.

The committee was led by Ms. Deborah Scales and Mrs. Audrey Franklin. Over the years, committee members included: Doris Jones, Marvette Artis, Marilyn King-Lewis, Mozell Weston, Karen Dyer, Juliaette S. Thomas, Deena D. Currie, Kim Cheek, Becky Jo Peterson-Buie, and Karla C. Lewis. On December 14, 2015, the committee submitted their incorporation papers. The Pearls Among the Ivy Foundation, Incorporators are: Mozell Weston, Audrey D. Franklin, Deborah Scales, Juliaette S. Thomas,
Deena D. Currie, Kimberly R. Cheek, and Karla C. Lewis.

2018 Headshot B.jpg
Deborah Scales
Audrey Franklin Demps
Marvette Artis
Mozell Weston
Deena Dula Currie 
Karla C. Lewis
Juilaette Thomas 
Kimberly Cheek 

Board of Directors 
President—Patricia Donnell
Vice-President— Mrs. Marilyn King- Lewis 
Parliamentarian—Shaunsi Griffin 
Treasurer— Doris Jones
Financial Secretary—Dahlia Ashford 

Asst.  Financial Secretary - Charlene Armstrong 
Secretary—Norma Noble
Nominating Chairman—Samyu Harris 
Nominating Committee Members- Margo Ford 

Scholarship Chairman—Dr. Debera Lowe and Shalita McFarland 
Communications Chairman - Monique B. Holmes

Committee Members
Marvette Artis
Tanya Robinson Caldwell
Deena Dula Currie
Shelia Lea
Marilyn King Lewis
Debra Lowe
Deborah Scales
Gerry Shoffner
Juliaette Thomas
Mozell Weston
Sabrina Clark White

Ex-Officio (Sigma Kappa Omega Chapter Officers)
Kelly Thompson
Pamela Jones
Chauntel Graves 

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